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Thank You for choosing to purchase CDS. We look forward to helping you.

Remember to get your Site Code - Start CDS - don't open a job - Choose Options then Licence Authorisation to generate the Site Code.

Once you have filled in all relevant fields, you may either

  1. print out the form and fax it to the number below, or if you prefer
  2. email the details to us by clicking on the Submit Button at the bottom, or
  3. if you don't wish to use a Credit Card, print the form, attach a cheque and post it. We accept cheques in any "hard currency" at the appropriate exchange rate.

To ; Foresoft Pty Ltd P.O. Box 247 Broadmeadow NSW 2292 Australia
Phone: In Australia 02 4969 6512 International : +61 2 4969 6512
Fax : In Australia 02 4965 3425 International : +61 2 4965 3425


I have already downloaded the Time Limited Version of CDS and used it on my computer.

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I am satisfied that CDS will improve my efficiency and I would like to purchase the following Modules at $AUD 900 each (Australian Residents $AUD 990 inc GST) 




Please Charge the amount of $AUD to my Credit Card detailed below;





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