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CDS Tutorials - Quick Contents

To view any of the Tutorials, simply select the relevant link below. We have deliberately left any navigation bars off the tutorials to enable you to print them out if you wish. Please use the 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page when you have read the Tutorial.

Tutorial 1A Open Existing Jobs, Controlling the Display & Multiple Windows
Tutorial 1B New Jobs, Calculating Points and Entering Strings
Tutorial 1C Selecting and Altering Points & Strings
Tutorial 1D

Use String 'Classes' to control colour fills, hatching and string annotation 

Tutorial 1E Enter and Adjust Traverses - entering via bearings
Tutorial 1F Enter and Adjust Traverses - entering via angles
Tutorial 1G Geoid and Network Least Squares Correction
Tutorial 2 Entering Stadia Data and Contouring
Tutorial 2A   Entering and Placing Symbols &Text
Tutorial 2B Data Recorders - collecting raw data from & sending coordinates to.
Tutorial 2C Importing Data from other CAD/Design software packages
Tutorial 3 Modifying the Contour Model with Breaklines/Discontinuities.
Tutorial 4 Controlling the Model with Boundaries and other tools.
Tutorial 5 Using Level Sheets to Form Profiles and Sections
Tutorial 6 Profiles other than on the Centreline
Tutorial 7 Volumes from Sections and Progress Volumes
Tutorial 8 Calculate Volumes Between Different Models
Tutorial 9 Stockpile Volumes
Tutorial 10 Interpolate Profiles & Sections from a Model
Tutorial 11 Form Sections from Coordinate Data
Tutorial 12 Form Coordinates from Section Data
Tutorial 13 Forming a Platform for Bulk Earthworks
Tutorial 14 Use Road Design to Create a Dam & Calculate Storage Capacity of the Dam
Tutorial 15 Road Design - a complete work through
Tutorial 15a Road Design - interactive horizontal alignment design
Tutorial 16a Road Design - widening an existing road
Tutorial 16b Road Design - an urban example
Tutorial 17 Land Grading - Simple gridded case
Tutorial 18 Land Grading - Random point case
Tutorial 19 Land Grading - Multi Field calculations
Tutorial 20 Multiple Pad Design
Tutorial 21 House Lot Design
Tutorial 22 Digitizing with CDS
Tutorial 23 Piling - ( ie Piles driven in to stabilize boggy ground)
Tutorial 24 Road superelevation via spreadsheet entry
Tutorial 25 Road design through various soil/rock layers (CDS Premium only)
Tutorial 26 Road Intersection Design - Kerb Return
Tutorial 27 Printing / Plotting Overview
Tutorial 28 Photo Quality output renderings via 3rd party software
Tutorial 29 Head Up Digitizing and Draping Bitmaps over a DTM
Tutorial 30 Output to Google Earth and GPS via GPX file
Appendix 1 Exporting line types to Autocad
Appendix 2 Creating your own symbols for CDS
Appendix 3 Interfacing to total stations
Appendix 4 Receiving Data for Construction Setout
Appendix 5 Ezifield Background Images