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Updated January 31 2000




I reckon its great ... the very best thing is that if you have a problem you can nearly always get an answer the same day. Ken H. Ashtonfield

We believe that our software is only as good as our least satisfied client.

So, if you have a question, about any aspect of the software, or how to apply it to a particular problem, we are happy to help.

You have a number of ways of asking for support.

On this Site:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) may already have the answer you need, if someone else has had the same problem.

Tutorials might cover the topic you need

email :

Ask a Simple Question - just fill in the form

More detailed questions should be sent to:

Phone :

In Australia (02) 49 69 65 12
International : +61 2 49 69 65 12

Fax :

In Australia (02) 49 65 34 25
International : +61 2 49 65 34 25

Post :

Foresoft Pty Ltd
P O Box 247
Broadmeadow NSW 229