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Payment Details

(1) Online Payment

 Please follow the links below to access our secure payment page hosted via Bank of Scotland (Worldpay).

(2) Payment via bank transfer (swift code)

Please email to and we will send you an invoice that contains our bank details for direct deposit.

(3) Cheque or credit card details.

Please fill in the form by following the link to purchase form.


Online Purchase 

We suppport currency purchases on-line in $US (US dollars), AUD (Australian dollars) and Pounds Sterling. For other currency's please select the $US option and your payment will be processed in $US.

Please note that purchase includes free postage and delivery.

Purchases in Australian dollars include a 10% GST.

Please click on the button below to make your purcahse. All purchases are affected on our secure merchant site; hosted by worldpay aka Bank of Scotland.

Please click once on the appropriate buy button

Please select your appropriate currency

CDS (Cogo + Model) Price: 550 Pounds
CDS (Cogo + Model + Road) Price: 1100 Pounds
Ezifield Price: 300 Pounds
Prolog Price: 825 Pounds

Refund Policy: You may return the goods up to 30 days after purchase. You must also supply us with a kill code to confirm that the software has been removed from your computer. We will refund your purchase via credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Postage and handling excluded.