CDS Movie List

To view any of the Movies, simply select the relevant link below. Please use the 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page when you have played the Movie. We suggest that you are using a broadband connection. They take up a large bandwidth.

More movies are being added all the time. Please check back.

Please note that Ezicad and CDS used to be the same program - just different names. The movies were made with version 1.07 of the software; so there could be minor differences. Please check with written tutorials if not sure.

Introduction Introduction
Introduction2 Calculating points and entering strings
Points & Strings Select and alter points and strings
Stadia & Contouring Stadia and Contouring
Symbols Symbols & Feature Code Library
Raw Data Importing Raw Data from Total Station
Import Data from CAD/Design Programs Importing Data from CAD / Design
Break-Lines Contour Model and BreakLines
Boundary Contour Model and Boundary's
Volumes Stockpile Volumes
Profiles_Sections Interpolating Profiles and Sections
Pad Design Platform and Pad Design
Dam Design Dam Design (simple road)
Road Design Road Design (complete)
Bitmap Display How to display a background bitmap