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These prices are for users outside Australia. If you are an Australian resident please contact us as GST needs to be paid. We will send an invoice.

The software is licensed per user. However we understand you may have a home and work computer so we will enable the software on both your computer's.

re CDS: The price for CDS includes all modules - nothing else to buy. There are two prices mentioned:

Download. We will enable the software on 2 computers via email. We do not send you a physical package.

Hard Copy. Delivery is via registered mail. Where registered mail is not available then by air mail. If you need delivery via courier please contact us and we will send an invoice with corrected price. While you wait for your CD, Manual and Dongle we can enable the software by email.

re Ezigrade: The transfer only price is for users that wish to transfer data to and from the Trimble GPS file format. ie Users that wish to use there FL2 systems for civil works such as roads, drains etc. All options includes transfer as well as all design options.

We have also given a rental price for users that would prefer to rent Ezigrade on a yearly basis.

Both CDS and Ezigrade options include 12 months of phone(English only) and email support. For permanent licences after 12 months you have the option of ongoing support and updates.

Pricing and Buy

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CDS (all modules) - download Price: $USD 395.00
CDS (all modules) - hardcopy Price: $USD 455.00
Ezigrade (Data transfer only) (1) Price: $USD 825.00
Ezigrade (2) Price: $USD 1250.00
Ezigrade Yearly Rental Option (Data transfer only) (1) Price: $USD 350.00
Ezigrade Yearly Rental Option (2) Price: $USD 500.00

(1) This option is for users who need to convert data to and from Trimble GPS formats. There are no design options enabled. - includes CDS.

(2) All options - includes CDS as well.

Please email for current pricing on Prolog and Ezifield.

You may also pay via bank transfer. Please email us with what you wish to purchase and we will email an invoice that contain's our bank details.