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Viewer for *.gps files for display on FMX and TMS displays.

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Cut Fill Design Natural

If you have a non Ezigrade design and you would like to compare it with a design from Ezigrade; then please email your *.gps file to It should contain enough data for us to make up a similar design.

If your .gps file does not display or is incorrect; you can email it to us at and we can investigate. If it is wrong please tell us what the problem is. Please be aware that some files produced by WM-FORM contain a lot of data, and that the data overwhelms Google Maps. We are working on a coarser solution in this case.

Please be aware that Ezigrade can import data from a .gps file. We can also extract data from a .gps file and send you back an ascii file or many other formats. There is a charge for this service