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CDS - Time Limited Version.

NOTE: this version is for NEW clients only - if you already have a copy of CDS or Ezicontour on your computer don't waste your time and money downloading this version - it will not work.

The following links will allow you to download a Full Version of CDS and install it on your computer.
You may then use it for 60 days to do whatever you choose - you have the latest release of all features, and the full on-line manual.

Please note that you will need internet access to initially register the program

Download CDS NOW.

I had trouble downloading the software from the server

If for some reason you are unable to download from the net. For example your ISP provider keeps dropping you out; we may be able to arrange to post you a CD. Can you send an email to us providing your postal address together with a contact phone number and a short explanation of the problem for our reference. The email address will be

We suggest you take the time to read the online tutorials. Especially the introductory tutorials. Look under the support menu at the top of the page.