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Download Ezifield (time limited but fully functional)

Ezifield runs on Windows Mobile and Windows CE pocket PC's. It supports most current available Total Stations and NMEA GPS.

Please link to appropriate page for information on interfacing to Total Stations or GPS.

You may also purchase Ezifield for US$550.

Please email for an invoice. Payment can be made on-line using Mastercard or Visa.

The following tutorial links are pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view them. If you do not have broadband internet access we suggest that you right click the link and save the following to your computer.

Click here to down load Ezifield Manual

Click here to down load Introductory Tutorial  

Click here to down load Road Stakeout Tutorial 

Hardware etc

Any pocket or Hand held PC running windows CE should also run Ezifield. If you do not currently own a Pocket PC we would recommend the TDS Recon as a rugged solution. It is waterproof and having an RS323 port allows the use of the standard cable supplied with your total station connecting it to a computer.

The cheaper alternative is the HP Ipaq. It retails for less than half the Recon but is engineered more for the office and is far from waterproof. Cables are also a problem as it no longer ships with a serial cable; instead it synch's with your desktop computer via a USB connector. However serial cables are available that connect through the common port at the bottom of the Ipaq. We bought one of Ebay for around the $10 dollar mark. It does work but is far from a robust solution. The cable problem's do not stop here as this cable will not plug directly into your total station. You will need to modify the computer end of your total station cable by changing the RS323 plug from a female to a male and swap over Tx and Rx pin connections (pins 2 and 3) and maybe some of the control pins if necessary. Alternatively plug in a third null modem cable in the middle of the other 2 cables. It is not a pretty sight.

Alternatively with the Ipaq you can purchase a serial card from Socket that plugs into the CF card slot of your Ipaq. They are about $200. This is a more solid solution and allows you to plug in the standard cable from your Total Station or GPS.

Another solution is the rugged case's and accessories from Otter. For this solution your Ipaq sits inside a 3rd party case which allows you to still access the screen; while protecting the Ipaq from the elements. The Otter range has an optional serial pod that connects to the bottom of the Ipaq which includes a built in serial adapter. You can now hook your standard total station or GPS cable directly into the RS323 port. They also sell a POD that attaches to the top if you wish to protect a CF GPS card. Expect to pay a little over AUD$200 for rugged case and serial POD. Try

Another Ipaq solution is to dump the serial cable altogether. Make sure your Ipaq is blue tooth enabled. You need the standard cable from your total station. Connect to it's end a serial to blue tooth adaptor. You may need an adaptor with an external power supply as we believe most total stations don't have the 5V pin connected on RS323 connector. In Ezifield your serial port will go through Blue Tooth wireless interface. We have not tried this here but can see no reason why it would not work.

For GPS units we suggest a CF GPS card such as the i.Trek or a Blue Tooth GPS. This gets rid of cables altogether.